The Danger of Cars

The WashPo claims that the Waukesha Christmas Parade massacre was caused by an SUV:

Why is a single Hitler-loving, wife-beating career criminal and mass murderer so important to the propagandists that they go to these lengths for him? Does this have anything to do with the quite intense efforts to present cars as uniformly evil? For instance, Pete Buttigieg, the transportation secretary, gave a recent interview about the need to get rid of cars.

Cars allow people to escape from confinement zones. When you are in your car – especially if it’s an older model without the new tracking technology – you are free. You can’t be propagandized because you are staring at the road and not at a screen. You can even be alone with your thoughts. In Canada, the only form of transportation in and out of a province (or the country) still available without forced medication is a car.

Is the Waukesha murderer so dear to our overlords because they want us off the roads? Jeff Bezos, the owner of WashPo, would definitely like the roads to be empty for his trucks to move faster.

Yes, obviously there’s a gigantic racial angle to the way the Waukesha massacre is covered. There always is. But might there be an additional bonus these bastards are squeezing out of the tragedy?

8 thoughts on “The Danger of Cars

  1. Imagine the perfect e-vehicle utopia we could have if all the pesky drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians could be banned from the roads! They are now floating the idea of e-beacons for bicyclists, to continually broadcast their location so they won’t be hit by autonomous vehicles. Because heaven forbid you try to make the urban environment better for people! We need to make it better for robots. I guess if your bike transmitter battery craps out, you’re an acceptable bit of roadkill.

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    1. That’s exactly it. Another part of the “reimagining our shared space” is the idea that people shouldn’t be congregating outside in large, multigenerational groups. Especially not for something as icky as a Christmas parade. Being with people is dangerous. You are much better off sitting at home, staring at a screen, and imbibing propaganda.

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      1. As long as your social interactions are all mediated through electronic media, they can be monetized.

        Why would we now allow all this black-market, under-the-table social contact?


  2. To me it looks like they’re distracting everyone. Prior to this crash almost everything was working very badly against Biden and Harris.


    1. My friends who are Democrats think that this administration is an incredible success. The inflation is Trump’s fault. And everything else is extraordinarily wonderful.


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