The Nu

Fauci says he doesn’t know if the existing vaccines will work on the scary new (“nu”) COVID variant.

Wouldn’t it be funny if they now started to revaccinate the already vaccinated with some new “vaccine” for each “variant”? And how many “variants” will it take for people to clock on to the grift?

12 thoughts on “The Nu

  1. Every time that weasel Fauci denies knowing something, it is best to assume that the truth is whatever would disadvantage or discomfort him the most. That little monster is the Mengele of our time, by the looks of things.


  2. Have you heard that it tends to be even milder than the original? Everyone is so worried but those who have gotten it have so far been sick for two to three days.

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    1. “even milder than the original?”

      …clearly you know nothing about how important it is to keep the panic going…. omicrcon! mutations! oooh! scaarrrrry!!! do your part! it’s in Europe!!!!!


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