Thanksgiving Present

Friends, we all know that Matt Taibbi is extremely talented. But for this Thanksgiving, he outdid himself. Please read this extraordinarily well-written piece. The way Taibbi takes apart the horrid Howard Zinn is priceless. Every year I meet the class of freshmen brainwashed into the cult of Zinn, and it’s a sad struggle to get their jellied brains to process anything.

A single quote from the article:

We don’t ask Russians how they can sit around the yelochka every New Year and open presents knowing that Ivan the Terrible used to roast prisoners in giant frying pans, or how they can smoke Belomorkanal cigarettes knowing the real White Sea canal is filled with the bones of slave laborers. I think even most MSNBC anchors would agree, that would be stupid. But we do this to ourselves all the time now, and every year it gets worse.

Do read the whole thing. It’s hardcore good.

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Present

  1. If we’re going to have an Oppression Olympics, can America on Thanksgiving sit it out like Moscow 1980?

    I’m totally OK with them sitting out 1984. 🙂


  2. $5/mo to Taibbi’s substack was one of the best purchases I’ve made in the last year. I read this piece 3x in the last day. I shared it with many friends, my husband, father-in-law. We all have something to be thankful for. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

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  3. Thank you for your blogging thoughts. I sincerely appreciate your view of our society and in particular your ability to draw comparisons between our society today to times in the former Soviet Union and the current countries. Today, I am particularly thankful for your recommendation of Taibbi’s piece. I have rummaged through some of his articles as old as 3 years ago and have found his scrutiny worthwhile and very interesting. Thanks again.

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