Freudian Box

A Freudian would notice in this imagery a huge sexual frustration that screams to the skies. Big! Red! Boxes! are a woman’s equivalent of gigantic penis-shaped objects displayed by a man.

Leaving Freud aside, this is so ugly. Why can’t these people hire somebody with a modicum of artistic sensibility?

7 thoughts on “Freudian Box

  1. They should hire Melania. She got so much crap for her Christmas decor but it was 1000 times better than this kitsch. But of course the press will swoon over it.

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    1. “got so much crap for her Christmas decor”

      Of course it wasn’t hers…. I’m sure she hired people to come up with something tasteful (and kind of forgettable).

      The Giant vulva door though looks like an intensely…. personal project.


      1. “Looks just like us!”

        This is the first time I feel sorry for the NYT writers. What must go through one’s head writing something like that? Do they get drunk and write crap like that?


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