Coh-veed Shot

Klara asked me today if she needs a “coh-veed shot.” Apparently, some kid at school got one and just had to share the news. Klara had never heard the word COVID from me or anybody before, so I wasn’t pleased.

Of course, I told her that if she wants an extra shot – or fifteen, I can arrange that. Understandably, she refused.

I took her to the pediatrician today who asked me if we are interested in getting Klara vaccinated for “you-know-what” and then muttered quietly and really fast “I don’t recommend, I don’t recommend.” I don’t recommend either, so it’s all good.

6 thoughts on “Coh-veed Shot

  1. I’m watching a Youtube school board meeting for my child’s district and they are hell bent on making the kids wear masks forever. Even though a Missouri judge ruled it unconstitutional. I guess we have to sue the district to get relief. The superintendent is so woke and in love with coh-veed protocols. He’s also in the pocket of the federal government–taking millions from them and negotiating with fear-crazed unions. At this board meeting he keeps saying, “We have children who are not vaksinatud! so we have to have masks! It’s unreal and I’m so mad I keep yelling at my computer — as if that’s going to change anything. Worse, I just got my tax bill for 2021 and see in black and white how much $ I’m giving the district. I’m furious.

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  2. You are lucky with your pediatrician. I am considering finding a new one but have no idea where. My pediatrician’s office became a bit too much covid shot happy for my taste. At the last well visit, which happened several months ago, they were already trying to sell me on covid shots for my child. Mind you, my little one is a toddler and still does not (thankfully) qualify for one. Why we had to spend a lot of time discussing administering a medication to my child that is not out of clinical trials yet is not quite clear to me. Curiously, the main selling point was that after taking it one does not have to be in the quarantine after exposure. The problem is that I expect the most pediatricians in the area are going to be on the same wavelength and those who are not are not advertising it.

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    1. Except with omicron you are supposed to quarantine after exposure, no matter your vaccination status. And since there’s no way to know if you have a given variant because no one tells you…the vaccination doesn’t affect pretty much anything right now.


    2. I have had really good luck finding pediatricians via local homeschool FB groups. You don’t even have to ask– if you have access to the group, all you have to do is search “pediatrician” and read the comments from the last few people to ask. You’ll get a whole range of recommendations, and a non-zero fraction of them will be specifically looking for, and recommending, docs who aren’t pushy about vaccines.

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