Bursting Bubbles

Eric Zemmour is Putin’s little bitch. Which means China’s little bitch. No matter how pretty his speeches are, he’s for globalism with a slightly different set of globalists in charge than the ones we have now.

I can’t stand people simping for this vile piece of Putinoid trash because he read a cutesy little speech.

Salvation won’t come from France. France is dead and buried. Let’s move on.

7 thoughts on “Bursting Bubbles

  1. Dear Clarissa, I’m French and I may vote for Zemmour in the presidential election next April. Yes, France is dead and buried, that’s why I have sympathy for Zemmour. As to Putin, in my opinion he saved Russia from becoming an impoverished, demographically doomed vassal of the USA. That’s what Russia would have become is Putin hadn’t kept Russian oil and gas free from US control, after the disastrous Yeltsin presidency. He’s one of my heroes. Xi is a very capable leader and I have much respect for him. Call it simping if you want.


    1. Thank you for making my case for me so well. Saves me some trouble. 🙂

      If Russia isn’t an impoverished, demographically doomed hellhole of open borders and mass degeneracy, then I don’t know what is.


  2. The only thing I’ll say for Putin is that he more often acts for the interests of the Russian people* than against them which is an important trait for a leader, no? Compare and contrast USA for example.

    Granted, it’s because it aligns with *his interests, but even so, at least he’s on the same page. Leadership in many other countries coughUSAcough isn’t even reading the same book.


    1. “Putin is that he more often acts for the interests of the Russian people than against them…”

      Well, there’s a knee-slapper, thanks for the laugh!

      Putin and his odious Russian regime would define crony capitalism in the modern era if the CCP hadn’t previously taken out the patent and wasn’t actually tons and tons more successful at it.


    2. If the interests of the Russian people include selling out every natural resource to enrich the oligarchs, stripping the pension fund bare to fund endless wars and send young boys to die in Ukraine, Africa, Syria, etc, then yes, he totally acts in their interests. It’s weird that the Russian people are so interested in being robbed, killed, humiliated and silenced but they are strange like that.

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      1. You just described the Government of Australia too*, except with less wars, so…

        Like I said, where their interests align it can give the illusion of benefitting the population and I may be guilty of that perspective. I’ve worked with such people and they shouldn’t be running countries, but it could be worse. What I’ve seen of Russia (rural Russia esp the people therein) appeals to me. It looks mostly functional as a society, the people seem creative and reasonably hard working and the government seems to leave them alone. I concede I could be wrong about all of this, but Australians are fleeing this country so I’ve been on the lookout for options.

        *Our federal trade minister leased the Port of Darwin to the Chinese then retired from politics to an $800k/year consultancy with the same Chinese firm. He’s still not in gaol. Don’t even get me started on iron ore.


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