Direct Tax Payments

Seriously, why can’t we pay taxes directly to Pfizer? It is our new government. Let’s save us the expense and the bother of moving the money through many different hands and give it directly to the people in charge.

2 thoughts on “Direct Tax Payments

  1. Very seriously–if it will get them to stop shoving there products into people? The federal government should just write a blank check to them every month. The federal military hierarchy’s Woke and already useless (not all of the state guards, but…)–whatever they want to fill in, we can just give them from the DoD, or print off. 1,000,000% annual inflation? Whatever. Good for their stock prices. The people who DON’T listen to Fauci’s every verbal eruption (and I think they are lying about how many people are taking their vaccines and accepting their lies, at this point… their actual customer is the government, who wants to lie, and they CERTAINLY lie, and the media lies… so I think there are a few tens of millions of doses just here in the US that are being housed in some refrigerated warehouse even though they are supposedly empty) can go back to using gold, silver, and copper. Or, if they are so inclined, crypto (I’m not, but it might still be an option by then.)


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