Instructions for a Takeover

A Soviet defector explains how to engineer a takeover of a country:

If this resonates with you, here’s a full video.

4 thoughts on “Instructions for a Takeover

  1. I recall from Anna Applebaum’s Iron Curtain how the Soviet Union went after social institutions in Eastern Europe and this took a few years. It did not happen immediately after World War II. Running satellite states was more complicated than marching in an army and putting in a puppet regime, which is the version of the Cold War we get taught here in the United States.


    1. Exactly!! Many people don’t know this.

      Even fewer people understand that it doesn’t have to be a foreign country that is effectuating the takeover. It can happen on a level that has nothing to do with countries as a concept.


    2. If I may ask, what do either of you think that the impact of internet communication has on the speed or viability of this process?

      I’m asking because it has been my observation and experience that it only takes a small number of informed, persuasive rational people to actually straighten out the thinking of the indoctrinated ones, which is why censorship has been so aggressive. Eliminating the intellectuals, as it were, seems to be more difficult nowadays.

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  2. Having watched the video several years ago, my eyes were open to the destruction we are even closer to now. It’s hard not to be discouraged seeing how quickly it us happening, and accelerated over the past two years.


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