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I don’t think my husband and I even discussed whether to get vaccinated for COVID. We talk about COVID very little. We definitely never discussed whether to vaccinate our kid. It’s like we never discuss whether to invest in a Ponzi scheme or kick puppies. It’s all very obvious, so what’s to discuss?

We have very different interests and access different news sources. I don’t think N has ever heard of Kyle Rittenhouse or would understand that funny meme about the Waukesha killer being called a car. He’s never read a word by Alex Berenson. N is in a million online forums but they are completely different from mine.

This subject, though, we are completely on the same page.

18 thoughts on “Same Page

  1. I wish I could say the same. My husband got it without even talking to me first. I am praying there are no long-term negative consequences, because it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot we could do about it, if so. He’s got all his info on it from the Astral Codex Ten forum/substack, which seems totally onboard with the whole vax thing, and completely willing to be lied to. Experts are gods, smart people will save the world, etc.

    We are in agreement about not doing that to the kids, at least.

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      1. My husband is not the sort to virtue-signal, and at the very least, it’s obvious to him that the kids are at zero risk from the coof, so there’s not much point in getting them vaccinated. He’s at virtually no risk, himself, and knows it, but he works in healthcare and figured it would be required sooner or later, so he might as well get it over with while he had a choice about which one to get– so he opted for the one-dose J&J. I sincerely hope it remains a one-dose deal, but it looks like they are threatening boosters for it now. J&J has the highest number of reported deaths in VAERS, compared to all the other shots available, so I am really concerned about the possibility that it’ll become an annual thing. The drug companies seem to have settled on that as the winning profit strategy, and I can’t see Janssen allowing themselves to be left out.

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        1. I’m praying that your husband will not suffer any ill effects from the jab.

          It astonishes me that so many parents remain unaware that children are at far greater risk from the vaccine than they are from the WuFlu. They must be getting all their information from government-approved news sources or (God help us) social media. The big social media sites have done an excellent job of censoring anything that casts doubt on the efficacy and safety of vaccines.

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        2. My friend had the J&J vax some time in early Fall. She just got out of Covid. She had the a range of nasty symptoms for over a week including fever and body aches.

          The good news is that I’ve spent a whole afternoon with her 3 days before she started having the symptoms and I’m fine (it was on the Thanksgiving Saturday, so I should be out of the woods). Looks like something worked. I had Covid in March and I was coerced to vaccinate in September (with Pfizer).

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        3. If he needs to get a booster shot, it does not have to be J&J again: it can be Pfizer or Moderna. As well as the difference in reported adverse side effects, there is evidence that the “mixing and matching” approach provides better protection.


          1. Based on my understanding, the viral vector vaccines (like JJ and Astra Zeneca) do not have a proper design for repeated dosing since a person can develop antibodies against the viral vector itself upon repeated exposure and neutralize them before they are able to start working. That’s why the 2-dose Sputnik vaccine (which is also a viral vector vaccine) used two different adenoviruses as vectors in the two doses, and also why the side effects to the AZ vaccine are milder after the second dose. Realistically, after multiple boosters, mRNAs will be left as the winners, because of the lipid, rather than viral, delivery system. (Of course, the main failing of the mRNA technology when it was being developed into a treatment for rare diseases was its toxicity on the repeated dosing, so good luck with all the boosters). JJ and AZ could potentially overcome this problem if they switch to different adenoviruses with the boosters, but I am not knowledgeable enough to understand how easy/possible it is to do this. I find it curious why there are no whole (inactivated) virus vaccines available in the western countries. They should give you a more broad-spectrum immune response (to more than just the spike protein), so your immune system will be able to tackle all the variants more easily, and may end up with a better side effect profile since it is easier to control the dose.


            1. That is very informative, thank you @randomreader. I have heard that nova-vax and co-vaccine (the home-made Indian vaccine) are both inactivated virus vaccines — is this correct? My understanding is that co-vaccine applied for FDA approval a few weeks ago, but I haven’t heard anything about what happened. Novavax is still stalled in the US, but has applied for approval in the EU. I am really hoping that the approval of co-vaccine goes through for those of us who are subject to potential booster mandates….


              1. They are both inactivated. Novavax contains the spike protein only in a nanoparticle delivery system. Based on what I read on Indian Covaxin, it looks like it contains the whole inactivated virus. They do seem like a better choice, but still the small amount of time spent testing and developing them makes me nervous.


    1. Your husband will be fine. About 99% of the people around me got it and I haven’t heard or seen any adverse effects.

      Every vaccine and medicine in existence was new at some point.


      1. And normally, nobody wants to be part of the experiment until the long-term effects become clear.

        Should I provide a list of medications that had to be recalled years into aggressive prescription of them?

        My friend who’s in drug discovery says that absolutely any other medication would have been recalled at this point if it had half the adverse effects and mortality of the COVID vaccine.

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        1. …but with this one, we don’t get a recall. We get total immunity from legal liability if something goes wrong, and 55 years to release the data. And then they wonder why so many people don’t trust them when they say it’s fine…

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          1. Usually, you get a choice. The doctor says, “this is a new treatment, we don’t have long-term data, are you willing to try?” And then you decide based on your individual situation. This is all I want, to be able to decide what goes into the only body I will ever have.

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