Christmas Store

The first person in the family to finish her Christmas shopping is Klara. Her school has this great tradition of a Christmas store where kids find presents for relatives and friends. The reason why it’s great is that no money is involved. Kids don’t bring money, discuss prices, or handle money in any way. All of the gifts are of equal value, and children never hear about it.

Children learn to think about others, choose gifts that will work for different people, and experience the pleasure of imagining somebody else’s joy. And no money changes hands. There’s none of the “my mommy gave me $100, and yours gave you $3” bullshit. Volunteers help wrap and sign the gifts.

Educating children about money is very important but it should be done in an age appropriate way and not by the school. It’s the parents’ job, and everybody has their own philosophy, which must be respected. The daycare Klara went was quite tone-death about money but the Christian school is very good at not forcing unnecessary experiences that kids aren’t prepared to handle.

Klara recently informed us at dinner that “some people are rich, some are poor, and we are in the middle, which is the best place to be,” so I’m glad about how this is going.

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