Not Boring

It’s +22°C (summer weather.) We’ve had 3 tornadoes pass through the town tonight. Been trudging up and down the stairs into the tornado shelter area. The roof of the Amazon warehouse nearby collapsed.

Boring the Midwest definitely isn’t.

6 thoughts on “Not Boring

  1. You have a “tornado shelter area” in your house? Are you referring to the basement?

    When I lived in Illinois, the subterranean basement in my house always flooded during torrential storms.


    1. Do they come with pretty light shows (lightening showers)? We had quite the adventure last night. But I’m glad Clarissa and family are okay. I’ve been through 2 tornadoes in Ferguson, MO and this one seemed pretty innocuous.


      1. The news out of AR/MO/TN/KY this morning looks pretty grim.

        Hurricanes, oddly, don’t usually have a notable amount of lightning. It’s there, of course, but you notice the other things more– like the seven hours of howling wind.

        We only get dinky little waterspouts here, most of the time, or twisters that touch down, damage one roof and break three trees, and then disappear. That stuff in the news today is terrifying.

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