Gift Suggestions

What can one give a very active, pretty woman who has 4 young dogs, 4 grown kids and 4,5 grandchildren for her 70th birthday? What’s an appropriate, meaningful gift?

This is somebody I care about deeply. We have the opposite political beliefs on everything but this has had zero impact on how we feel about each other.

8 thoughts on “Gift Suggestions

  1. I second the tickets suggestion – that is often what I do for my parents. I also recently discovered these wooden puzzles which are just beautiful in every way. They are expensive but would make a great gift for somebody special – it’s the sort of thing I would love to own but have a hard time justifying buying one for myself. (I am not somebody who normally does jigsaw puzzles. These feel like a different experience – very tactile). Too late to get one for this Christmas, but an idea for future years.


  2. My go-to gift lately for family members or family-oriented people is an electronic picture frame. Especially if her grandkids don’t live nearby. Make sure it is wifi enabled, then the kids can send photos directly to the picture frame. We bought one for my mother, MIL, and my stepson, who is deployed on the other side of the country.

    Other than that I like the suggestion for theater tickets or perhaps a gift card to a local spa.


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