Declare It Over

Yes, thank you. This is absolutely all that needs to be done about COVID. Declare it over and let us be.

Still never voting for a Democrat ever again, of course, but I’m glad to see there’s at least one who isn’t completely stupid.

4 thoughts on “Declare It Over

  1. This is the same governor who authroized Colorado hospitals to discriminate on the basis of vaccination status, i.e., to deny medical services to non-GMO people. I don’t think he’s smart as far as Covid. I think he’s smart as far as reading the writing on the wall and realizing that people aren’t going to stand for much more of his idiocy.

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    1. I hope they all see the writing on the wall at this point. There is no support for more lockdowns, masks in schools, defunding the police, any of it. It’s been tried, it failed, let’s move the fuck on already.

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  2. Yeah, Democrats just continue to shoot themselves in the foot over COVID, it’s really time to just move on. We should have already the moment vaccines became available for everyone. Everything afterwards is just moving the goal posts and people are taking note of that.

    On a positive note things are certainly far better today than they were one year ago.


  3. It’s all politics. The Colorado Governor has been absolutely awful this entire time. And he isn’t really changing his tune now, he is simply making public pronouncements like this while telling the counties behind the scenes that they ought to be mandating and enforcing vaccine compliance. He’s just stepping back from doing it himself in the spotlight because he’s up for re-election next year.

    But you’re absolutely right. We just have to stop.

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