Inner Joy

We are very fortunate to have our Fulbright scholar from Nigeria teaching at our department. He hasn’t has an easy life and as a result has the sunniest disposition of anybody I know.

“Our building is among the worst on our campus,” I said. (It’s true, our building sucks.) “Engineering, on the other hand, has a beautiful building.”

“Professor!” the Nigerian colleague said, “These buildings are both so much better than what we have in Nigeria. So much better. I feel blessed.”

He loves the courses he’s taking. (Fulbrighters not only teach but also take courses, like regular graduate students.) There’s so much useful information! Other students are wonderful. Even yesterday’s truly miserable weather is a blessing because where else will he experience icy rain? Every moment is ripe with potential for joy. This guy enjoys himself so much, it’s a pleasure to watch. His is very quiet, inward-looking enjoyment, so you know it’s not a performance.

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