Cooking Feats

Today I cooked vegetable soup (carrots, potatoes, cabbage, lima beans, corn, spinach), raisin zapekanka, and baked brie pastry with mushrooms.

And it’s not even noon yet.

3 thoughts on “Cooking Feats

  1. I started my marathon baking spree to make special cookies for my family for Christmas. I don’t eat sugar, but I enjoy baking. One of the doughs is so specialty that it took 4 hours to make. There is something wonderful about traditions. Your soup sounds amazing.

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      1. Oh, if you haven’t learned it yet, you would love baking merenguitos! I have been learning to make them– I’m on experimental batch number 5 or 6 now, and I’ve almost got it! Almost. They are kind of finicky, The trick, at least in my rental-house oven, is to bake them at about 200 degrees for 3+ hours, so that they’re cooked all the way through (not gummy in the middle) but not scorched, and line the pan with parchment. Super cool though– I spoon the mix into a bag with a pastry tip on the corner and it makes a bunch of little round cookies with tiny hooks on the top (the kids have started calling them “hookies”).

        I’m still trying to figure out how to make them lime flavored without having them turn brown. But the vanilla and almond ones come out nice.


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