Good News on Election Fraud

A very clear and detailed explanation of how very rich people bought Joe Biden an election win in Wisconsin in 2020. The bad news is that these same very rich people will try to do this again. Build Back Better hasn’t passed. The universal digital ID hasn’t been adopted. Police hasn’t been abolished and universal healthcare (aka extreme austerity) hasn’t been introduced. They’ll do it again.

But here’s the good news. Do read the linked article and observe how many votes all this money and effort got the cheaters. It’s not that much. Not even Putin can falsify more than 10-15% of votes. If you have a real landslide, a real wave, there’s no cheating that can do anything.

As always, it’s about who works the hardest, who puts in the most effort, and who perseveres. We can all do our part by quietly and gently bringing up the gas prices, the inflation, the masks in schools, the masks in children’s sports, the Waukesha massacre, the Afghanistan debacle, etc. Not all of this at once but a single thing our interlocutor might care about. Nobody can falsify away a landslide, and the landslide is all of us.


After two days at home and on social media, I have lost track of reality and started to fear that a local indoor activity for kids might be following the governor’s orders and requiring masks.

Of course, it isn’t requiring them because nobody is that insane but this goes to show how warped one’s mind can get in lockdown.

By the way, the local indoor activity in question is a trampoline park whose original owners took COVID too seriously, went broke, and had to sell the business to less neurotic owners. Only a braindead person hasn’t noticed that the danger to kids from trampoline isn’t COVID but physical injury from jumping.