Because Omicron

So remember that story about my friend who was turning 70, and her adult children were throwing her a surprise birthday party?

Well, the party’s been cancelled. Not by the friend, mind you, but by the adult children. Because Omicron. Omicron, what? Nobody knows but it’s sooooo scary.

This confirms my opinion that the GenXers and the Millennials are the worst on COVID. The 70-year-old friend has taught in person throughout COVID, and travels intensely. Her position is, “we all are going to bite it at some point but I want to enjoy my life while I’m alive.”

I’m upset. I was looking forward to this party. Even N wanted to go.

16 thoughts on “Because Omicron

  1. I feel sorry for her kids. Can you imagine living in such fear? It was possible before covid to catch the flu and get very sick or even die and nobody cancelled b-day parties because of that.

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  2. I have a heckuva sore throat today, and two kids coughing. Toddler is a snot fountain. I sent out the general warning, but we are still cooking a turkey this morning, and everybody’s still coming over for Christmas dinner. My mother says… she was an elementary school teacher for forty years: there is nothing her immune system can’t handle. And at her age, staying home for Christmas to avoid getting sick is a sucker’s game. Why would you want to live longer if you can’t do anything, or see your grandkids?

    We did opt out of midnight liturgy, though, to keep our contagion at home. The church people haven’t been through the informed consent process 😉

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  3. It definitely feels like the world is bifurcating into those who are moving on with their lives and those who are determined to live in a permanent state of emergency. Our family did our Christmas eve gathering as usual and have our regular Christmas dinner planned for tonight. Meanwhile, I know others who have cancelled everything and gone back into hibernation due to all of the “Omicron will kill us all!” scaremongering. I’m starting to wonder if this split will become the new normal.

    In the meantime, Happy Holidays and enjoy your not-turkey!

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  4. What is so disconcerting is the people I talk to who say, “We feel crumby so we took a rapid covid test.” People have been so conditioned – like poodles! “Jump through the hoop, Sally! Jump over the hurdle, Bobby. Good boy.” Or the people who say, “I had Covid, but I didn’t have any symptoms. But I did the quarantine just in case.” It’s insane. No common sense. Even if they did have a deadly virus, what good is a rapid test going to do to stop it? What good is quarantine going to do to stop the virulence? What is the point of all these self-imposed measures other than to torture oneself? One of my neighbors was begging for a rapid Covid test on Facebook so I offered her some zinc, vitamin D and another supplement that helped when I was sick. She didn’t even respond to my offer. I think people just like the drama and attention.

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    1. I don’t get why anybody would take this home test. If you have no symptoms of anything, why get tested? Are they checking their blood pressure and doing a cardiogram every day? Because cardiovascular problems are the biggest killer by far.

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      1. Pardon my ignorance, but is there an accurate, reliable home test for Covid, and if so, where do I get it? I’ve had cold symptoms several times in the last year and a half, which is normal for me (happens almost every winter), but no idea if I’ve had Covid, since I’ve never been tested. If I found out I’ve had it and thus enjoy natural immunity, I’d throw a party to celebrate.

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        1. No. I would say there is no accurate “take at home rapid test”. It’s more conditioning propaganda. The real question is, what are they conditioning us for?

          And to Clarissa’s point, if cardiovascular problems are a more deadly epidemic, why aren’t people interested in living a healthy lifestyle? Somehow, the PTB (powers that be) have made the pandemic so chic that it’s now “cool” to be sick.

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          1. Oh, dash it all. I hear about these DIY tests and I was hoping there was one I could take that would tell me if I’ve had the dread virus. I really, really hope that I’ve had it. After all, I’m 67 years old, meaning that if I haven’t had it yet, and I get it now, I have only a slightly better than 99% chance of surviving it.


  5. Your friend could have said squarely, if she did not, that she is an adult, ready to take a risk, and that she had had the virus. I know I feel guilty around elderly people, but that is also because they never say clearly that they are ok with the risk. So I just assume that they do not want contacts, or limited ones.


  6. I’ve had my booster shot (last October, for Christ’s sake)—-meaning I should be in the “pre-anti-Omicron” category
    …also burned-out by these chronic perpetual histrionic hyperbole COVID-19 narratives.


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