Empty Catalogue

Our course offerings in Spanish used to take 2,5 pages in the online catalogue. Now they take one page. The size of the page didn’t change. Neither did the number of students. We simply are offering a lot fewer courses at every level.

This is happening because we have fewer people teaching. Faculty retired. Lecturers had to be let go. We used to have 5 Spanish lecturers. Now we have zero. Again, the enrollments are robust. This isn’t COVID either. In the Fall of 2020 I had 3 lecturers in Spanish and scrambling to hire one more. In a little over a year, we went to zero even though – and I repeat – we have more students.

The “free college,” of course, has had a devastating effect. I asked somebody with access to the depths of our college’s budget, “is it true that there’s no money or are they lying to us?” This is a very left-wing person who’d never lie to cover up for the administration. He said, “I’d love to tell you these bastards are lying but it’s unfortunately all true. There’s really no money.”

I’d love to discuss this with somebody but it’s impossible because people have memorized the word “adjunctification” and will keep repeating it stupidly long after every non-tenured worker is fired.

In the meantime, the catalogue looks like a cemetery, and the offices would be empty even without the quarantine. The little plaques by the doors still have their names but the people are gone.

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