What I Said

And this gem is from Kagan:

“The best way for people to prevent spread is to get vaccinated. ..second best is to wear masks.”

Somebody will come out with the seatbelt analogy any second now. This is the entirety of the repertoire of the early dementia patients these days: smallpox and seatbelt analogies.

8 thoughts on “What I Said

  1. I am absolutely STUNNED at how imbecilic Sotomeyer, Kagan and Breyer — those so-called great justices of the left — sound! These people are complete hacks, and this just destroyed all the faith I had in the judiciary.

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    1. Kavanaugh is asking how vaccines are different from washing hands and wearing gloves. It’s a competition for “The Biggest Idiot” reality Tv show.


  2. So … what if you’re on Team Corona?

    I’m rooting for the coronavirus because it’s apparently smarter than politicians, and in its latest O-levels version appears to have adapted itself so it’ll survive in parallel with the common cold.

    Which is what a coronavirus that chooses to evolve away from being a pandemic-level pathogen would naturally tend to do, of course.

    Screw the politicians, maybe they can get smallpox while wearing their seatbelts.


    1. There’s nothing these days that produces a greater scandal than saying “if Omicron’s symptoms are very mild, then why should we try to avoid getting it?” People start hyperventilating and sharing the most bizarre conspiracy theories (“yes, maybe you don’t have symptoms now, but they will manifest next year, or years from now because the virus will be in your body doing unseen damage!” It’s quite creepy.


      1. …and yet almost nobody takes special precautions to avoid getting herpes simplex, which we know stays in your body and manifests at random times in the future as cold sores (which nobody enjoys getting!). So most people are actually fine with indefinitely harboring a virus that’ll break out later.


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