Canadian Bacon vs Trudeau

On a positive note, I have discovered something called “Canadian bacon” which is nothing like regular bacon but instead is a little glimpse into paradise. I am now ready to forgive Canadians for Fran├žois Legault. It’s not quite enough to forgive a sin as great as Justin Trudeau, unfortunately.

Lazy Sunday

People on EduTwitter are going off the rails because Education Secretary Cardona said something about “a lazy Sunday” and EDUCATORS DON’T HAVE LAZY ANYTHING. They work 16 jobs at once and in between kill themselves preparing high-quality remote lessons to save lives while virtue-signaling engaging in crucial activism on social media.

I wasn’t brought up in the protestant tradition, so I had a truly lazy Sunday, venturing out of bed to church but then staring out of the window between bouts of snoozing.

People seem to take weird pride in this (utterly imaginary) 12-hour workday on a Sunday when it points to nothing but a poorly organized life. Sunday is a day of rest and contemplation. And besides, if you are so extremely busy, how come you are on social media and have enough energy to be outraged by what somebody posts?