Get One

One what? Menstrual cycle?

These absolute clowns.

8 thoughts on “Get One

  1. Only somewhat OT: I am dipping a toe into tedious poking-around-at-data, and am curious why Alberta stopped reporting maternity statistics on their Open Data on August 13 of 2021. I’ve been keeping an ear to the ground for anything that looks like solid data on vaccine effects on pregnancy, neonates, and fetal development, so that sudden lack of data kind of put up a red flag– it falls about 6-8 weeks after the big steep rise in vax uptake among the 20-39 age group.

    Just one place: I’m super interested, but at the same time it could just be that the lady who normally posts that stuff retired from the public health office in Alberta, and nobody else has figured out her filing system yet. That stuff happens.

    So… does anyone here know of any other places (US states, Canadian provinces, other English-speaking countries…) that post this data publicly, and if so can you point me in the right direction? I’d like to be able to compare maternity data with vaccine uptake by age group, ideally.

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    1. Thanks, I’ll take a look at that. I have heard rumors about a steep rise in stillbirths (and there was that report on the CDC numbers that put the miscarriage rate over 80%– but of course miscarriage and stillbirths are not the same thing, and public health doesn’t typically track miscarriage) particularly in Canada, but so far have been unable to track down the source of those rumors, which is annoying

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      1. Worse, the rumors are from mid-November 2021 in Ontario, but public health data seems to have a six-month publishing lag in Ontario, for maternity stuff. And then they have the gall to “fact check” the stillbirth rumor by citing maternity data that only goes until June 2021 (after a nearly vertical climb, percentage of fertile-age Canadians receiving at least 1 shot reached 60% sometime in mid-June– so if there were negative effects on pregnancies, you’d expect them to show up sometime after that). That’s not reassuring at all. That actually looks like a coverup.


  2. “One what? Menstrual cycle?”

    I agree — very sloppy sentence structure with unclear direct object!

    When we read statements like this, some of us “old people” with “ossified brains” refer back to our “past experiences” when proper grammar was actually taught in public schools.


    1. Sotomayor is saying that 100,000 children are hospitalized for COVID. The actual number is 3,342 hospitalized with COVID. It’s sad those great public schools of the past never taught arithmetic.


      1. “It’s sad those great public schools of the past never taught arithmetic.”

        Public schools did back int he 1950’s. (Take my word for it.) Sotomayor was born a decade too late, so she missed out on a quality education.


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