No Shortcut

It’s good that Youngkin banned CRT in schools because it’s an important symbolic gesture signaling that at least somebody finally noticed there’s a problem.

But it will have zero practical effect because there’s a whole generation of teachers who believe that this is what teaching is. They were taught very little else. They are excited about it and will continue doing what they’ve been trained to do. Nobody can bypass the need to go back and educate another generation of teachers who will know how to do something other than CRT.

As the article I linked in the previous post shows, there’s no shortcut. No political solution and no instant cure. Either put in the work or wait for the disillusionment to set in.

7 thoughts on “No Shortcut

    1. The only thing I see is that the executive order directs that the Superintendent of Public Instruction shall “ensure that parents are empowered with open access to information on primary instructional materials utilized in any school and that fair and open policies are in place to address any concerns or complaints in a timely and respectful manner” (see here:

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    1. I’m doing it to the best of my ability. Just today I talked to a student who was so stunned (in a good way) that I assigned a very anti-woke text that he kept saying he couldn’t believe it was really happening.


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