Law & Order Is Back

Folks, did you hear that the original Law & Order, the one with Sam Waterston, is coming back for a new season after a 12 year break? The premiere is 2/24.

8 thoughts on “Law & Order Is Back

  1. I will definitely watch the new version — but at 81 years old, Waterston will be a bit of a stretch for an active district attorney.

    Is his new assistant DA going to be another 25-year-old sexy runway model like his last three were?

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      1. I didn’t start watching the show until I came across the reruns a few years ago — and the show plots were basically drafted from major real-life news events of the 1990’s (the Patty Hearst kidnapping, etc.) That got me hooked.

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        1. I started watching immediately after emigrating in 1998. Because of this aspect of real life cases, the show was an excellent tool to help me get integrated and catch up with everything. The show should be required watching for all immigrants.

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  2. “Law & Order… coming back for a new season”

    It’s a trap! Like Picard and Sex and the City it will be full of dreary woke political talking points in order to punish the audience for ever having liked the original… It will the producers’ way of saying: “Hey, people who liked this show! You’re awful and we hate you!”

    (I’ve never seen this show that I’m aware of… maybe bits and piece but never an entire episode).

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    1. I wrote recently about how the Law & Order: SVU – which has done 20 seasons on the horrors of pedophilia – recently forced the viewers to participate in the sexualization of a very small boy like it’s a good thing to do. I was shocked and disgusted. This is a betrayal of the whole franchise and its millions of fans. Absolutely disgusting.


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