Quebec is starting door-to-door visits to the unvaccinated. I wonder if the police will be involved.

14 thoughts on “Door-to-door

  1. Interesting, it’s actually a series of pop up clinics and harassing phone calls. So not actually door to door. Yet.

    Still it is disturbing, but much more disturbing is the dystopian horror movie that Canada has become over the last two years.

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    1. I should note that the door-to-doors in NJ were not vaccinating anyone. They were simple harassment/intimidation visits. From what I’ve heard, it sounded like they were checking in to see about your vaccination status, and then immediately launching into info about one’s eligibility for hurricane relief payments– implicitly (not explicitly) connecting the two things, which seemed pretty devious.

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    2. When Canadians do it these days, it has particularly insane qualities. I can’t wait to see what they come up with this time. Siccing dogs on the unvaccinated? Tar and feathers? I’m sure there’s some particularly sadistic wrinkle in store.

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  2. @Bluebird; @Margaret W.
    But why? Couldn’t you kill them with kindness? Like, “I’ve just baked a pie, would you like a slice?”, or “I was just going to put the kettle on: why don’t you stay for a cup of tea?” or even “I have just finished drying the washing. Why don’t you come in and help me fold the sheets. There are some muffins we can have once we are done.” Just saying…


      1. In America, even close friends don’t show up unannounced and unwanted. And I like it this way. What if I’m in pajamas? What if I’m cooking? Or praying? What if my kid is napping?


  3. @methylethyl; @ Clarissa
    Thank you for enlightening me around America’s ways. I hadn’t thought about the implications of my suggestion, which was, in any case, mostly tongue in cheek.


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