Stretchable Saturdays

Today I did the following:

  1. Slept until 10 am
  2. Made pea soup from scratch
  3. Played with Klara outside
  4. Took Klara to her art lesson
  5. Took Klara to the children’s museum
  6. Worked on my article
  7. Went to the gym
  8. Marinated chicken for tomorrow (the pea soup has magically evaporated)
  9. Had a very long bath
  10. Read half of a book
  11. Spent time romantically with my husband

I also won today’s Wordle and played my video games for an hour.

Saturdays rule.

6 thoughts on “Stretchable Saturdays

  1. You must be a very fast reader. It usually takes me about a minute a page, more if the book is complex. Reading half a book would take me half of the day.


    1. I also do about 60 pages an hour. But I read while I do everything else. I read in the bath, during the art lesson, during the walk, as I put Klara to bed, etc.


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