Here Goes Wordle

Just as I started enjoying Wordle. . .

Let’s place bets on how they will wokeify and destroy the game.

10 thoughts on “Here Goes Wordle

      1. Wordle works entirely in-page rather than requiring anything server-side, so all the information needed to have a functioning copy of it exists on a saved offline copy of the webpage itself 🙂 In Firefox, this is save page as, and then open the saved page. You’ll lose your current stats though.

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    1. 😀

      I recently tried your suggestion about forcing it into accepting a word of my choosing. The algorithm is more clever than I gave it credit for — I tried constraining it by eliminating certain carefully chosen sets of vowels with some minimal assumptions: for instance, assuming that in the very first try it always shows all black (no matches) etc. since ut is only eliminating word groups at that point. Nope! it started showing some yellows right in the first go.


      1. “The algorithm is more clever than I gave it credit for ”

        Oh no! It’s gaining sentience! We have to stop immediately and just hope we’re not too late…. I’ve gotta go now and check out my underground station.


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