Confusing BJ

I don’t get Boris Johnson. I was a huge supporter when he won the election. Then he completely faded and became a more timid British Trudeau during COVID.

Now all of a sudden he woke up, retired much of the COVID lunacy, is doing great work on Ukraine. I’m glad, obviously, but this all feels very bipolar.

6 thoughts on “Confusing BJ

  1. ” very bipolar”

    I know he does give off that kind of energy… I think (maybe) he just didn’t have a good idea of what to do about covid (especially after having a fairly serious case…) and let other people run that show (though he did eventually push for things to to open last summer against a lot of resistance….)

    On the other hand he does have a pretty good idea of what he wants to do with Ukraine and so he’s going for it.

    IIRC he was kind of similar on Brexit laying low for long periods and then coming out of nowhere to push things through. I made a few British people mad when I said he plays down his intelligence in public but clearly knows how to get things done when motivated (they were stubbornly attached to the idea he was just a big goof….).

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    1. I agree that he is intelligent (the buffoonishness is just an act that works well for him) but he is also a liar and particularly cunning and self-interested, even for a politician.


      1. “he is also a liar”

        A politician lying? Where is that fainting couch when I need it?

        “particularly cunning and self-interested”

        The ideal solution is to have a system where a leader can only serve themselves by serving others (tying rewards to performance) but that’s deeply out of touch in any neoliberal system (one of the things that could lead to its destruction).


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