Brand Fail, Snow Day, Deck, and Inflation

Who the ef names a flash drive brand “bosexy”? Who’s the target customer? Cam girl prostitutes?

I need flash drives for work but imagine whipping out something called bosexy in the classroom or at a conference. I don’t care if nobody sees it. I’ll feel weird.

A propos of nothing, here’s a picture of me celebrating that today is a snow day.

And here’s evidence of the snow day:

This deck is a disaster but we are getting a new one built next month. Of course, it will now cost a lot more because of the inflation but what are you going to do.

We had a non-academic speaker at work yesterday and at some point she mentioned the inflation, got scared and asked, in a loud whisper if it’s OK to mention the inflation.

3 thoughts on “Brand Fail, Snow Day, Deck, and Inflation

  1. Agree with MethylEthyl – put a label with your name on it.

    As for the picture, you look so happy. Enjoy your snow day. My child’s school forced them to do online work or be counted absent. But thank goodness it only took maybe an hour and now he’s out playing in the snow (as he should!)

    Of course, I still have to work at home. I miss real snow days.

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  2. At least the Bosexy flash drives have the advantage of being different colors, making it easy to tell them apart in a set.


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