Validating Dominion

Does anybody on here watch Ozark? In the new season, they completely validated the Dominion voting machines narrative. The word “dominion” isn’t used but there’s a plot arc about a tech company allied with a corrupt politician from Chicago that manufactures voting machines that can falsify election results. A German engineer tries to blow the whistle, and they murder him.

I don’t believe in the Dominion narrative, by the way. To me, the 2020 election was falsified through mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, and social media censorship. Still, it’s interesting that the narrative appears in a rabidly leftist TV show.

3 thoughts on “Validating Dominion

  1. It’s probably an allowable leftist narrative because it ties in well with the idea that Diebold machines stole Ohio for Bush in 2004.


  2. In my experience electoral fraud is a lot like how statistics are mangled in places like China, with everyone involved in the system doing their part without being told to.

    So in regards to Chinese data falsification as information rises from the village to the standing committee, what happens is that there might be, say a COVID outbreak infecting 20,000 people at the village level (ignore the obvious that 20,00 people isn’t a village anymore).

    What happens is that the boss of the village knows that the boss of the province will be upset if 20,000 people are infected, so instead of reporting 20,000 they only report 5,500. Then the boss of the province knows that his boss will be upset with 5,500 infections and so reports that there were really only 1,200 infections. Then the boss of the province knows that party leaders in Beijing will be upset at 1,200 infections and so only report 100. Then whoever reports to the standing committee does the same thing and says that only 72 people were infected.

    Anyway in my experience, voting fraud in the West works the same way, a few votes at a time, where someone vote harvests a few dozen door to door, plus different people skimming some postal votes, then an employee of whoever is counting votes skimming a few dozen more, then someone “losing” a bag of votes from Republican strongholds but never losing a single one from Democrat areas, then maybe one voting machine out of every dozen skimming a few more etc.

    The end result is what you see on the news, with “massive” vote fraud that only seems to be in one or two counties, but not enough to upend the whole election since by the time anyone looks, it is either too late of the evidence is gone.

    Then in the next election cycle they do it again, over and over, while ridiculing anyone who says obvious things about voter ID laws and secure voting systems etc.

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  3. Embrace the healing power of “and”.

    As in “I don’t embrace the Dominion narrative. Corrupted machines are just one among a whole slew of frauds committed by mostly Democrat election officials every year.”


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