It’s Only the Beginning

As COVID recedes, the bio-tech totalitarianism becomes ever more coercive and rabid. GoFundMe has slandered and robbed the Canadian protesters. Spotify is deleting Joe Rogan’s episodes by the dozen. Twitter is banning moderate teachers. Airbnb is banning the relatives of customers whose views it doesn’t approve. And these are the events of just a single day. All of this happened yesterday. All of this is only the beginning.

7 thoughts on “It’s Only the Beginning

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      1. I encourage everyone reading this, get the latest updates from ‘regular’ folks on the ground. The MSM (especially the Canadian media), is bought by Trudeau.

        Telegram has been incredible at sending our truth out.

        FB cancelled The Canadian Truckers page. So, more and more freedom loving folks, are now communicating via other more secure and uncensured apps like Telegram. It’s an app which isn’t beholden to larger companies like FB.

        I hope it’s ok to suggest this telegram group:


  2. GoFundMe did not win at ‘robbing Canadian truckers of over 10 mil’. Take a look at the statement they issued above.

    Canada is leading the world. The awakening is happening all around, in every corner of this earth.

    This here, is from:

    “We are on our way, we are united!
    Me and 2 other fellow truckers will take care of this channel and we will post all the SHOCKING news as they happen.
    We will share EVERYTHING they are doing to us. They won’t let us do our job, our kids are HUNGRY because of them.
    Please join our channel and help us fight back!

    Stay tuned, we do not miss a beat!”


  3. FYI more than 2 years ago I witnessed a politician in an election purchase advertisements from Facebook, where money was deducted and everything paid for. Then there was an “error” where nothing was published. After the election, the money was returned.

    Imo this kind of fraud will be more common, and will probably only stop when molotovs go through the lobby doors of a few tech houses.


  4. …but gosh, you and at least two other completely unrelated sites I keep tabs on went all ominous-forebodings today. Guess it’s a good day to restock the pantry.


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