Whose Side Is Biden On?

And after this, somebody is still going to tell me the Biden administration isn’t completely on Putin’s side? This is an utterly ludicrous statement that gives Putin exactly what he wants. As Biden has done from day 1.

We all know about the bribes Biden received from the Russians through his son. Why would he all of a sudden be against Russia? Why would he be against a fellow open-border globalist and in favor of nationalism and real borders?

Biden is completely pro-Russia, just as he made clear when he casually undid all the great work that Trump had done on Nordstream 2.

20 thoughts on “Whose Side Is Biden On?

  1. He’s on the side that has his pudding, of course

    The Beidenreichstaff running him are inept enough to be at odd about which move, pro-Ukraine; pro-Russia, better consolidates power and feeds their narcissistic dreams.

    God preserve both Nations from my crazy government.


  2. You give Biden far too much credit when you assume that he’s an evil genius. He’s just a pathetic old man, lost in the final darkness of senility..His handlers can only pray that they can manage to can keep him minimally functional until 2024.


  3. As I recall, the neocons who normally fund the Republicans and start wars switched parties prior to the 2020 presidential election because they weren’t getting their way with Trump.

    So imo, all of this NATO encroachment, scaremongering, and painting the Russians as some kind of menace is probably happening for the sake of weapons sales, and to justify changes to NATO policy or membership at this point.


    1. The nature of disinformation is always important. This current lie is of such magnitude that people aren’t paying attention to the details. For some reason, millions of refugees are being mentioned. Just a couple of months ago, Russia tried to breach the sovereignty of Poland with thousands of fake refugees. Is it about to happen again? Is refugee stream #3 being created? Is the Biden administration preparing the public opinion for it?

      There’s something very, very wrong here. The US is currently standing against the rest of the West on this. I don’t know what it is that’s causing this but there’s definitely something disturbing. Unfortunately, Americans have zero knowledge about the situation in Ukraine to appreciate how ludicrous the quoted statement is.


      1. And I know very well that people see this post and automatically go, “ah, here she goes again about Russia.” But this isn’t even about Russia. Something weird is going on in the US. Something newly weird, in addition to all the preceding weird. Anybody who could provide an analysis has been silenced. The only alternative to the official narrative is either infantile pouting or boring recycling of the cliches from 20 years ago.

        We desperately need new, fresh thinking from people with large audiences. People who can stomach the fact that things change. And sometimes they change a lot.

        There’s something brewing, folks, and we should stay alert to the signs of what’s happening.


        1. “Something weird is going on in the US.”

          A while ago you wrote that it seems that neocons (or some unnamed group) are done for the time being creating chaos in the Middle East (sensu largo) and are now turning their malovent and destructive attention to (Eastern) Europe…. (nb. I hate neocons more than any other single political group in the world)

          Precisely what they are trying to achieve is not clear (and maybe they themselves don’t know).

          I’ve never seen a US government openly promoting and hyping an invasion by another country before it even happened…. definitely extremely strange.

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          1. I hear it’s coming from General Milley, the wokest general since Kliment Voroshilov. An army is one of the central attributes of the nation-state, and which institution has been put up for ridicule more than the army in the last couple of decades?


            1. “General Milley, the wokest general ”

              Is he that freak who thinks the US and China should be allies for economic reasons or something stupid like that?

              He wants to end up wrecking the US army?

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              1. Yes, that’s the one. The CRT admirer and a huge fan of China. He might simply be a congenital idiot. But it also might be that there’s something more sinister going on.


        2. One suspects that what’s brewing is the next Great Big Distraction to give everybody an excuse to avoid talking about vaccine deaths. Did you see that after the Renz testimony in congress, the DoD shut down their database, and claimed those numbers weren’t valid because the previous five years of medical diagnosis info was glitchy and had therefore under-reported?

          This is like when I walk into the kitchen and there’s a giant puddle of milk on the floor, all my kids claim no knowledge whatsoever of how it got there, and then they start proposing it-was-aliens type theories to explain how it might have happened…

          I’ve been poking around a bunch of different countries’ and states’ maternity data, trying to find population-wide stats for the second half of 2021. Going by the historical data for a lot of places… any place that typically reports a whole year at once, as soon as all the numbers are in and they’ve had a chance to do the data-entry stuff… we should start seeing those numbers, for several places, sometime in the next 2 months. I’m only looking at maternity data, because that’s a small enough focal point for me to chisel at it. I’m sure other people are going after things like stroke data, heart attacks, cancer, all-cause deaths, etc. But right now, every week that passes is going to make that Q3-Q4 data from 2021 harder to get out from under. Still just a guess, but the DoD leak confirmed the worst rumors that have been circulating, and the DoD’s response leaves zero confidence that the leak was false.

          I think they’ve got a lot to hide, they need something enormous to hide it behind, and they’re floating trial balloons right now to see if maybe Russia/Ukraine is the enormous thing they need.

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          1. I haven’t heard about the DoD numbers you mentioned. What did they show?

            I agree that this is a huge distraction maneuver because the deaths – both COVID and not – are really bad, the economy is going down the drain. There are no good news here.


            1. They showed a breathtaking increase in all the things that have been reported to VAERS as vaccine adverse events. Stroke, heart attack, myocarditis, pericarditis, cancer, miscarriage, birth defects, blood clots, every kind of neurological symptom imaginable, bell’s palsy, etc.

              Here’s a brief summary:

              Here’s Renz’ data if you feel like looking for yourself:

              And here’s a summary of the DoD response, scroll down a bit or ctrl+F for “Renz”:


              1. AFAIK, the dmed database that these query results were pulled from, is a database that tracks all ICD codes entered as a result of people visiting military clinics (not hospitals), so mostly active military, but possibly including family members. This is a population that skews younger than average.


              2. This is terrible. I had no idea it was this bad. I still don’t want to believe it. It’s really not helping that the DoD isn’t even trying to explain it in a minimally credible way.


              3. Yeah, right up until the DoD started coming up with bizarro reasons why this data wasn’t accurate (instead of saying the docs were lying and making stuff up), I was willing to give it the benefit of doubt. There are plenty of people who are willing to spout all kinds of weird theories to get attention, or to support their schizoid view of the world. The DoD’s reaction is as good as a confirmation. Which means that when the population-wide data goes public… It’s gonna be heavily modified (but it’s going to be really hard to modify it in the same way across so many polities, independently releasing their health data, so it’s bound to come out somewhere. Several somewheres), or there could be public lynchings. Possibly both. How long can they keep a lid on it?


  4. For my entire adult life, the US media has regularly carried stories about imminent invasions, atrocities, etc, by various enemies, usually sourced to anonymous government officials.

    There is always a veneer of plausibility – some Pentagon wargamer has generated a scenario (as is likely in this case), or there’s some item of intelligence (i.e. unverified rumor, or even fabrication), to back up the claims in such stories.

    The most famous and notorious example of this, were all the claims about weapons of mass destruction that preceded the invasion of Iraq. That was unusual in that top public officials like Bush and Powell made these assertions and stood by them.

    At a lower level, there may be a spokesperson for e.g. State Department asserting that Milosevic, Gaddafi, Assad, etc is about to do something. And then at the very lowest level, there are stories which are never affirmed or denied by the government at all, but exist only at the level of anonymous sources speaking via a journalist.

    If you want to understand what’s happening in this case, you need to forget almost entirely about Ukrainian and Russian reality, and try to understand the forces at work purely inside the US. The Pentagon, think tanks, and so on, explore hundreds of thousands of scenarios, no matter how unlikely. Why is the hypothetical scenario of a full Russian occupation of Ukraine being given headline space at the Washington Post?

    Actually, the article says this isn’t just being fed to the WP journalists, but it’s also contained in “briefings” for “lawmakers and US partners”. If you could find out who is providing those briefings – which government agency or think tank – that would tell you more about who is pushing this.

    One way to understand it, is that the need for any kind of American involvement at all, is deemed to require maximum alarmism. Even if the objective is just to sell arms to Ukraine, or obtain political support for some limited kind of partnership, in order to sell the public and the politicians on the need for this, doomsday scenarios about Russian occupation and humanitarian crisis will be circulated.

    Other kinds of motivations can be supposed. Neocons who want Ukraine to be Russia’s new Afghanistan war, military contractors who think it would be good for business, who knows what else. All these kinds of people actually exist within the military-industrial-media “ecosystem”. It may not be easy to see which faction is most on top at any moment.

    The idea that Biden is being bribed into favoring Russia – sorry, that is just about the least likely theory. Individual leaders can develop strange ties to each other, but there is nothing happening here that requires reference to Biden as a person, in order to be explained. It is entirely within the range of past US behavior to talk up an enemy like this. And remember, what is best for Ukraine, and what is best “Ukrainian policy” for America (in the eyes of American geopolitical strategists), do not necessarily coincide.


    1. If America were wiped off the face of the Earth today, there would still remain in existence the world’s largest country armed with nukes and in a state of extreme narcissistic rage. That nation will produce as many wars as it feels like. As it has been throughout its existence. We can fixate on our fantasy of America as the center of the world or open our eyes and notice what’s actually happening.

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