Jane Doe Series

I’m so tired of people emoting around me that I started to reread Victoria Helen Stone’s Jane Doe books. The last thing I have time to do is reread anything but I can’t resist. Jane Doe is supposed to be an unfeeling, manipulative, cold sociopath but I find her refreshingly normal. She thinks more than feels, and it’s kind of sad that this, and not the opposite, is considered maladaptive.

The first book in the series is free on Prime, and the second is free on Kindle Unlimited. Reads like a breeze.

3 thoughts on “Jane Doe Series

  1. I think I need to check these out! I have ditched many a female-centered novel after things got too angsty. I can’t handle characters who go around making idiotic decisions because feelings. Particularly when said idiotic decisions all turn out for the best, because follow your heart or something. Makes me want to stick a fork in my eye.

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  2. Thank you for the recommendation.
    I’m reading this now as my holiday read and so far it is very entertaining and funny.
    Regarding relatable female characters, have you read “Convenience store woman” by Sayaka Murata? She reminds me a bit of Jane Doe with her cold view of other people, although she’s not a sociopath.


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