Lifetime Llama

Klara hates piñatas. Or rather, the custom of breaking them apart with sticks. (“It hurts the piñata’s feelings, Mommy!”)

As a result, she invented her own way of enjoying the 🪅, known as the “lifetime piñata.”

The way to play lifetime piñata is this. You fill a bowl with candy, cover it with a paper towel, and put the piñata on top. Then you give the piñata gentle touches, gently remove it, and eat the candy. And then spend a lifetime playing with the piñata.

“But Mommy, are you sure that it doesn’t hurt the candy’s feelings that we eat it?”

I have the perfect answer to this (we give food eternal life by eating it and making it part of our bodies, then our children’s bodies, etc), so we don’t have to play lifetime food and give it gentle touches.

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