A Poem

Here’s an English translation of a poem by Sergey Plotov:

I recall some cereal in the morning, some coffee, too.
Then a cigarette, then I walked the dog.
Paid my rent. Took a nap for an hour, or maybe two.
After I ran some errands, clearing a huge backlog.

Then I planned a vacation – some sun and sea.
Talked with a client, we were discussing a price.
Started writing a story, then had some tea.
Then agreed to meet with a friend if the weather’s nice.

Looked outside my window before nightfall.
Thought of planning a party, but nothing more.
What is left?..
I recall that tomorrow there was a war.
And the day after that there was nothing at all.

And this is the original:

Помню, с утра была овсянка. И кофеёк.
Была сигаретка, прогулка с собакой была.
Заплатил за квартиру. После обеда прилёг.
Потом решал вопросы, делал дела.

Потом планировал отпуск — море и кайф.
Говорил с заказчиком — определились с ценой..
Начал рассказ. Ещё махнул кофейка.
Договорился с другом встретиться в выходной.

Перед сном смотрел на улицу из окна
И юбилейное обдумывал торжество.
Что ещё?..
Помню — завтра была война.
А послезавтра не было ничего.

2 thoughts on “A Poem

  1. I take it that in its original Russian his poem actually reads quite profound, intimate, and passionate.
    That some wordings just can’t be accurately translated into certain other languages.
    (This brings to mind: Just how accurate are a lot of the chapters of The Bible, given that it’s mostly what’s been translated from original scrolls into latter-day English and European languages centuries later?)


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