State of Emergency

Why not just declare world war 3 against the protesters and be done with it? I don’t think that after two years of emergency orders, states of exception, quarantines, lockdowns, etc anybody will be much impressed with the emergencies act. Let’s go big and call this something serious like an apocalypse.

Oh, no, forget that one. It’s been done to death.

OK, I’ve got it! Am existential threat!

No, that one has been done, too.

How about sedition? Armed insurrection? Hitler? Nazis?

Nah, it’s all so 2021.

Any suggestions, anybody? Let’s help our boy Justin out.

10 thoughts on “State of Emergency

    1. Wow, I was just talking on the phone to somebody in Canada precisely about this. Every time I prepare a lecture about Fidel, I have a weird feeling when I look at photos of him in his youth. Hmm, I’ve seen this face very recently…

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  1. “Any suggestions, anybody?”

    Is there any chance he was doing/saying what he was doing/saying to keep the truckers in place just so that he could declare this? Anyone with any training in communication would think he was actively trying to strengthen resistance rather than defuse the situation….

    And now there’s this… official government de-platforming….


    1. Not just deplatforming. This is the “you’ll own nothing” part of the great reset. It’s the end of the concept of private property. Note that she says anybody who is “suspected.” Absolutely no proof of anything is needed to separate you from your property. This is completely arbitrary. There’s no burden of proof, no legal process. Everything is based on vaguely defined feelings.

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    The hosts on MSNBC and CNN are criticizing Trudeau for NOT GOING FAR ENOUGH in his actions against the truckers. Joe Scarborough said on his morning show that if he were in charge, he’d take a stick and…uh, somehow threaten to smash all those big-rig trucks with it if they didn’t move immediately.

    Do you know that PUTIN COULD INVADE UKRAINE ANY MOMENT NOW?! If you missed today’s headlines, you’d obviously have no idea.

    TRUMP IS FINALLY GOING TO PRISON because of the next witness testifying before the Jan 6 committee. No, wait, HILLARY IS GOING TO JAIL because of the latest bombshell Durham report.

    Rod Dreher must be on vacation today. He hasn’t commented hysterically on the news that THOUSANDS OF CATHOLIC BABIES ARE GOING TO HELL because a Phoenix priest used a single wrong word (said “We” instead of “I”) during their baptism ceremony, so God won’t accept their souls into heaven unless they’re all baptiized again.

    Yes, I have a lot of free time in my dotage. Why do you ask?

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  3. What the hell, CBSA does everything short of trying to stick multiple fingers up my solid waste hole every time I try to visit Canada, so here goes …

    Why not just mail the Canadian Trucker Convoy some five dollar bills if you like their Freedom Trucking Service?

    American, Canadian, it all spends.

    And if Canada Post gets caught stealing the money, then you have one more converged organization full of figureheads that need to be pulled to the ground while you’re at deconstructing The Current Regime.

    Has the Vichy Media created a list with names and addresses to send the money to yet?

    Well, doxing people’s what they do, so what else are they good for then? πŸ™‚

    Also: we could try “False Imprisonment”, because you’re not trapped with Those Who Are In Government, they’re trapped with you … the horror (or just “horrorshow”).

    When that doesn’t work out, they could just go after people for blocking easements that aren’t blocked and see if that works.

    (BTW, this message has been routed via Canada in order to stick it to Justine Castro one more time, just because I can) πŸ™‚


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