In Support

Speaking about truckers, I’m about to give an in-person public talk about Peru in my new t-shirt in support of Canadian truckers.

4 thoughts on “In Support

  1. This is thanks to people like the truckers throughout history that we have education, freedom, and rights. It has never been the elites deciding “Let’s give the unwashed masses more rights and better life”. It’s been always the downtrodden who said “enough is enough”. I don’t get how people can side with the government on this one.

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    1. The one-room schoolhouses that helped give the US one of the most literate populations in the world in the 19th century were funded and organized by farmers. It took college-educated intellectuals like Horace Mann and his ilk to turn American education into the industrial pig-swill that is our current public school system.

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  2. People who side with the government are suck ups and who are terrified of the masses, any gathering of masses who aren’t college educated yuppie dorks are supposedly fascists sarc Fascism has become so overused that I don’t believe anything is fascist anymore, anything liberals don’t like that involves white people is fascist to these people

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  3. It’s depressing, but not surprising at this point, that the people I’ve seen who are the loudest in calling for the government to use violence against the protesters are academics who describe themselves as left wing.

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