Trucker Nazis

In a public school in Quebec, a teacher announced in class to a group of 12-year-old students that people at the trucker protests are Nazis.

I feel profound disgust.

4 thoughts on “Trucker Nazis

  1. OT (but kind of…. related)…..

    BLM has helped pay the bail of an “activist” accused of trying to kill a Jewish politician…. so….. yeah….. hmmmm…. racial reckoning? If they had just been able to defund the police of course bail would not be necessary and he’d be able to exercise his god given right to shoot as many Jews as he wanted….


    1. Thanks for the link, cliff.

      What stood out to me was that:

      A) BLM pays to release violent, mentally ill people into the general population, ensuring they’ll attack again and this time will probably kill somebody (and/or be killed themselves) :

      “Brown made headlines last summer after he went missing for about two weeks. His family was critical of the Louisville Metro Police Department during the investigation and said police were “ill-equipped” in helping to locate Brown. His parents told local media at the time that their son could possibly be going through a mental health crisis and pleaded with the public to help find him.”

      Brown should’ve been forced to get medical help for his psychiatric problems instead of being lauded as “a prominent activist.”

      B) “Greenberg is a White, Jewish Democrat.” So Jews are white, and now White is written with a capital letter like Black. I yet remember the kerfuffle of capitalizing Black since it “reflects a shared sense of identity and community”, while not capitalizing white since it denotes no cultural information.


  2. I think they may actually believe these things, simply because in the Progressive-PMC-bubble mindset, any white person who isn’t wholly allied with their clean-fingernails lifestyle (you can be poor, but you have to work retail, or customer service, or be a teacher’s aide or something: not manual labor!) must, by definition, be some kind of hateful -ist. They don’t have enough category slots in their heads to allow for anything else.


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