Somebody in Charge

You’ve seen what can be done to people with propaganda, right? We’ve all seen it. And that’s just a couple of years. Now imagine twenty years of relentless, daily, unadulterated propaganda conditioning people to hate you. Americans. Telling people to blame every trouble on you. The evil, the hateful, the inhuman you.

I really hope there’s somebody in the White House who’s in control of something and is preparing in case there’s a strike against us.

6 thoughts on “Somebody in Charge

  1. It seems very, very remote to me that Russia would push militarily beyond reestablishing the decades long situation that existed before NATO became so aggressive in Eastern Europe, unless they were attacked with a nuclear first strike.


    1. It wouldn’t seem as remote to you if you saw with your own eyes how for 20 years Russians were conditioned to burn with hatred for the West.

      We can hide behind these fantasies about the NATO. Or we can start noticing that we are hated with the power of a thousand exploding suns. It’s reality. It can’t be wished away.


  2. Clarissa, you may already understand this since you are living in the US, but the government here is not very strong on preparing civilians for war disasters. They do not believe the preparation is possible (this is a very different philosophy from the former USSR and the satellite countries) and rely on not being attacked due to sufficient deterrent capabilities. You are the one who needs to make the preparations for your family, if you are worried about this possibility.


    1. Thank you for making me laugh with the idea of the former USSR and satellite countries as pinnacles of preparedness for nuclear war. Clarissa, there was a Romanian joke about this, I wonder if it exists in Ukrainean too?

      Q: What should regular people do in case the Americans nuke us?
      A: Face away from the blast, wrap yourselves in light-colored wet sheets and walk in an orderly manner towards the cemetery.

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      1. I grew up in the system. No one claims about the countries being the pinnacle of preparedness. However, I knew where the nearest shelters were (I visited at least one of them with my schoolmates) and had a general idea of what to expect. The education in our case was pretty thorough. It gave me some serious nightmares, but as far as the information goes it was accurate. Clearly, our experiences were different.


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