Small Potatoes

Ukraine is small potatoes. Imagine how happy the people of Russia will be if there’s a nuclear strike on the US. Yes, they’ll die, too. But dying for something this beautiful is totally worth it.

You can chant, “it’s not our conflict” as much as you want. But if somebody hates your guts, incantations don’t help.

8 thoughts on “Small Potatoes

  1. The United States can’t even defend itself: our southern border is a sieve and we are being ruled over by a senile fraud’s anonymous handlers. Given that, I don’t see how we’re going to help Ukraine, or anybody else.

    I’m not saying this because I like it this way; I emphatically do not. But I’ve spent the last 14 months trying to make microscopic contributions to the efforts of people like Patrick Byrne to reverse the disastrous fraud of November 2020. Those efforts had made some difficult progress, but not nearly enough.

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  2. I want to say something sarcastic and spiteful but the truth is, hate knows no borders. The ideology for superiority is an intoxicating brew for a nation like Russia. I have two sons who are Marines. One is active duty. One will be active duty if a war breaks out. I have skin in the game and it burns.

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    1. My best wishes to your family and to your sons. May the Lord keep them safe. I will pray for them and recommend them to the protection of St. Michael.

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    2. Yeah. . . You have no idea how shocked I was when I moved to Canada and discovered that North Americans weren’t complete idiots like we always thought they were. So it’s totally about superiority.

      I pray for peace for all of us.


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