On a positive note, I’m glad that I don’t know anybody who isn’t supportive and is acting like a bastard in this situation. It doesn’t help that we are in yet another weather-related lockdown today. It took everything I had to spend the day entertaining my kid and not fall apart.

I now went for a drive, in spite of the weather because I need to recharge to be fit for human company. I’m trying to avoid updates from the battlefield because I can’t process them. What makes it really bad is that this is our brothers and sisters doing it. My own child is half-Russian. It’s easier when it’s a distant foe and not somebody who grew up next to you, watching the same cartoons and laughing at the same jokes.

8 thoughts on “Recharge

    1. She’s six, so I haven’t told her. It’s taking everything I have to be normal around her when all I want to do is lie on the floor and cry. Yesterday schools were closed and I played with her for 4,5 hours. It was. . . not easy.


  1. This must be tough right now in your household. I have basically zero tolerance for any pro-Russian sentiment around me, and Russians in the US better be apologetic.

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    1. Thank you, Ed. You are a true friend.

      It’s really making it worse that it’s the Russians who are invading. If the Japanese invaded (and I mean absolutely no disrespect to the Japanese), it would be bad but not this bad. It’s when it’s the people who share your language, who look like you that it becomes surreal and impossible to process.


      1. So far I saw one glimmer of humanity. A man tried to stop tanks with his bare hands and they were driving around him – I saw that happen with 2 tanks and then the video ended.

        Have you seen this video where a woman comes up to Russian solders with seeds and asks them to put them in their pockets so that sunflowers grow when they die here?


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