I also would like it if people quit with the “Putin this and Putin that.” Putin does what his people want him to. Every time he sends troops somewhere, his ratings go through the roof. Yes, he’s dumb. But even an opossum would learn this simple reward system by this time.

This isn’t semantics. Putin will die at some point. But a hundred million people armed to the teeth with nukes and burning with an extreme hatred of the US aren’t going anywhere.

Our main hope right now is, strangely, the neoliberal capital I keep talking about. The capital won’t be into a nuclear holocaust. Let’s see what the forces of the capital do.

6 thoughts on “Semantics

  1. I’m just hoping the Ukrainians make the invading Russians bleed as much as possible. Ukraine is on a whole different level than Crimea and Georgia; also, they can count on weapons and money from the west. They’ll just have to do the fighting; I’m hoping they are up to the task.


  2. For English speaking readers (link to Russian original below):

    “For the first time in fifteen years, I watched Putin’s speech in its entirety. And the dude really went cuckoo. He is not declaring war on Ukraine – he is talking about a new redistribution of the world. America in his speech occupied ten times more place than Ukraine. What hadn’t he remembered, what hadn’t he dragged in: the Second World War, and the collapse of the USSR, and Iraq, and Libya, and Belgrade, said that it was we (Russia) who were defending ourselves from NATO, that we would not allow the Nazis to be at the borders, and almost directly said that he would use nuclear weapons, if anyone intervened in the occupation of Ukraine, which he is not going to carry out. All this in one head.”


  3. whatever you think ,the day putin dies will be a happy day for me. if it is by a hand other than his own or old age then i will rejoice.


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