Who’s First?

I was curious how the right-thinking, peace-loving, poetry-reading members of the Russian intelligentsia are reacting to the invasion. Turns out there are two lines of thinking among them.

1. There’s no invasion. It’s fake news.

“But here’s a statement by your president. . .”

Fake news.

“Here is video footage. . .”

Fake news.

And so on into the infinity.

2. Ukraine has been invaded by the US, not Russia.

“But here is a statement by your president and video footage. . .”

American fake.

And so on.

I’m waiting to see who’ll be the first here in the US to offer these takes. I’m thinking before the end of the day today we’ll hear how the invasion forces are US Marines in disguise. I saw this back during the Ukrainian revolution in 2013. Within literally days some future BLM supporter concocted a story about how it was all being organized by the Department of State, and then countless future vaccinated individuals happily repeated it.

I’m not in the mood for much social media right now, so please drop a link when you start seeing this.

5 thoughts on “Who’s First?

  1. “There’s no invasion”

    Interestingly last night the Moscow correspondent for one Polish news channel described the reaction of almost every Russian he talked to as a kind of stunned disbelief… not denying it was happening but ‘how could this be happening? I don’t understand’ disbelief…


    1. I don’t know. All I see on social media is glee, rejoicing, “kill these Ukrainian bastards, raze it all to the ground, etc.” Including the people my family has known for decades.

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      1. I am so sorry, Clarissa. This is terrible. TERRIBLE. I am ashamed…today in a business meeting, our boss told all the other bosses that “we need to be sensitive to the Russian’s we work with because they are hurting. We need to be sensitive to their feelings.” I was sick inside. I wonder what Russian Americans think? I only know one person at work who is Russian and she have not spoken to her. Would they be in support of this attack?


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