Comic Relief

And a little comic relief:

With a masked face in a photo, this poor woman is probably suffering from chronic oxygen deprivation.

By the way, tomorrow I’m going to work for the first time without a mask. Our mask mandate has been dropped right at the moment when I can’t even enjoy it. I’d actually prefer a full-face covering tomorrow because I look scary.

3 thoughts on “Comic Relief

  1. “It’s been suggested that #Putin isn’t thinking clearly.”

    Putin knows what he’s doing. According to Ron Dreher’s multiple posts today, Putin is fighting a religious war to save Ukraine from the horrors of Western decadence (as evidenced by the West’s tolerance of the existence of LGBQT perverts) and restore the traditional values of the Russian Orthodox Church.

    Now that John Jerry has been appointed “U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate,” he’s publicly expressed hope that Putin will remember to be helpful and avoid excessive emissions while he’s bombing Ukraine.

    Again, not making anything up.

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    1. We have complete and utter idiocy on both sides. I’m going to go pray now.

      Thanks for the update, though. I have no energy to look myself because it’s too aggravating.


  2. “Thanks for the update, though. I have no energy to look myself”

    Since I have endless free time nowadays, here’s another update you don’t have to waste time with.

    The first NEW “Law & Order” episode was on tonight, and it was an EXACT CARBON COPY of the 1990s series: same actors (Sam Waterston looking a feeble hundred years old, still can’t keep his hair combed, still has a pretty young female assistant but now she’s a black woman), same opening sequence (graphically violent crime, followed by the two wise-ass plain-clothes cops snickering over the body), same witness-types being interviewed,followed by totally predictable drawn-out courtroom drama.

    It was so boring that I watched the whole show on x4-speed playback, looking for something, any scene that had any originality in it. The producers could have saved money by just rerunning one of the original episodes and redubbing a little of the dialogue. The theme music and opening title scenes are literally original copies from the first series.

    It reminded me of when I used to write short stories and sell them over and over again to different editors who never read their competitors’ magazines. No thanks!

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