Too Little, Too Late

People are sending me videos of anti-war protests in Russia. Honestly, they can all burn in hell with their protests. I have no interest in any of their fake, slobbery protesting. And people on social media are melting. Ooh, aren’t they brave! It’s pathetic.

13 thoughts on “Too Little, Too Late

  1. Found what looks like a pretty good and concise news source:

    Кроме официальных западных новостей, (просто для сравнения, естественно ни одному слову российской стороны верить нельзя), телеграм каналов типа “Типичный Донецк” и еще нескольких похожих, с большим скоплением личных свидетельств местных жителей, я также читаю твиттер, причем нашел суперэффективный способ этого делать с помощью уже приготовленных “списков” твиттер-аккаунтов журналистов на местах, официальных лиц итд. Вот по этой ссылке:
    есть четыре таких списка: один в самом твите и три дополнительных в ответных. Они выглядят например так, это тот, что в основном: Если открыть эту ссылку, это как “кастомная лента”, все записи от этих 74 аккаунтов вперемешку в обратном хронологическом порядке. Почти все по-английски, потому что списки составили английские журналисты, но мне это совершенно не мешает, и это гигантский поток новостей, довольно достоверных, на час-два раньше того, как они попадают на новостные сайты обычно (а на сайты и заходить не надо).


  2. Clarissa, look up the apparitions of Our Lady in Fatima, Portugal in 1917 along with the controversy about the 3rd secret of Fatima. They are very famous among the Catholics, but I am not entirely sure how well they are known by others. The apparitions predicted the two world wars in the 20th century and Russia has an important (if not the central) place in the messages. Some (this includes several reliable bishops and priests) believe that the Catholic Church was not entirely truthful with the 3rd secret (made public only a part of it) and we are still going through the events predicted there. Once you are done with that, look up Akita apparitions 1973 and 2019, which some believe are connected.


    1. I drive with the rosary if Our Lady of Fatima on my windshield. I’ve prayed at the Sanctuary of Fatima in Portugal. Let’s all pray to the best of our ability because that’s what is left.


  3. I have seen a number of people online spouting the ridiculous idea that the only hope for Ukraine is for the Russian people to rise up and overthrow Putin. It’s total nonsense because the protests haven’t been that big and if the Russian people were inclined to overthrow Putin they would have done it long before now. I think many people in the US have very romanticized ideas about the power of protest. Protests that lead to significant change are almost always massive and go on for weeks or months.

    In another bit of ridiculousness you may have missed, former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder, has been making a total ass of himself with comments to the effect that this invasion was caused by “mistakes on both sides” and calling for sanctions against Russia to not be too severe. He also hasn’t broken his ties with various Russian businesses. Here’s an editorial from die Zeit, a fairly prominent newspaper, condemning him for his actions.

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  4. Clarissa I am curious, but why aren’t those particular Russians protesting showing bravery? They are a minority but yet taking a risk in a country headed by a brutal thug. Shouldn’t they deserve some praise?


    1. Yeah. . . They slobbered over this bastard for twenty years. Now they are upset that they might not be able to use their credit cards and travel abroad. After everything I’ve seen, I’m cynical about the narrative of anti-war Russians.


      1. Just now I went on social media to see what Russian dissidents are saying. They are sincerely hoping that Ukrainians will defeat the invasion and then come to liberate Russia.


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