I haven’t always been a fan (once again, putting it mildly) but Ukraine’s president Zelensky is a total badass. With Russian troops moving in on the capital with the express orders to kill Zelensky, he refused to be evacuated and stayed with his people. This is a young guy, with a family. He has every excuse to go. Which US president would have stayed?

But there is more. A group of nuns in Kharkiv, my city, refused to get evacuated and stayed to pray where prayer is most needed.

Let’s hope these incredible people survive the night.

12 thoughts on “Badass

  1. Your journey with Zelensky always reminded me of your journey with Trump (except much quicker, you’re older and wiser now.)

    I’ll pray for Zelensky and all Ukrainians tonight.

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  2. Also, you said Russian blogs you used to read went for this war against Ukraine. I am happy to say most Russians I follow took a firm stand against Putin’s aggression. For instance,

    Фашистский режим изнутри практически неразрушим. Однако он всегда надрывается и разрушается в силу внешних обстоятельств. Война — это как раз такое обстоятельство. Поэтому объективно война — это шаг к краху путинского фашизма. И в этом смысле, отложив в сторону любые эмоции и лирику, я оцениваю нынешнюю войну в качестве преддверия окончательного краха этого обанкротившегося людоедского режима воров и убийц, которые убивают и выжигают всё и всех на своём пути. […] Естественно, что никакой помощи русским эта война не несет и не может нести. У фашизма нет национальности, нет культурной и цивилизационной идентичности. Он просто фашизм, ему нужен предлог для войны.


    Партия «Яблоко» считает войну с Украиной тягчайшим преступлением.


  3. So far, the Ukrainian military seems to have surprised the Russians. They are putting up a much better fight it seems than Russia expected. Ukraine’s defense budget is about $4 billion (much smaller than Russia’s, and tiny to America’s, which is about $800 billion). Yet Russia apparently hasn’t yet occupied (or solidly captured) any major Ukrainian population centers, achieved air superiority over Ukraine, or disabled the Ukrainian command-and-control systems. On paper, this should have been a steamroller operation for Russia. Hopefully Ukraine will continue to hold up.

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    1. What people often forget is the human factor. Weapons, money, yes. But there’s such a thing as national character. We are an obscure country somewhere in Eastern Europe, so people haven’t heard much about us. But this is how we are. Tenacious and angry as hell.

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      1. Ukrainians are showing the whole world what courage looks like now.

        Hollywood must be salivating about Zelensky’s story. He was an actor and you know how they love to portray themselves.

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      2. Ukrainians have been through so much, many of us can hardly imagine. They’ve been massacred, starved, humiliated, and beaten by Russians. It seems very obvious they’ve had enough.


      1. This was all completely unnecessary. Russia has a million problems. And a ton of potential. Go home, make your lives better, create a better life. Prove to the world that you are great not by force but by the power of your achievement. Why isn’t that a better option? This is what I could never understand. You can stay alive and be a force for good. But instead you go blow up a daycare and a hospital. And then die in a ditch.

        Ukrainians are dying to protect their homeland. What are Russians dying for? To prove to Americans that they can invade, too. The Americans couldn’t care less.


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