Radioactive Waste Facility Hit

The Russians have shelled a radioactive waste disposal facility. Thankfully, they didn’t manage to breach the actual tanks and only hit the building. But think about it. These are clearly desperate people with a death wish. Imagine what all this can lead to if they aren’t stopped.

5 thoughts on “Radioactive Waste Facility Hit

  1. “shelled a radioactive waste disposal facility”

    You know the situation in Russia much better than I do (and google is no longer remotely useful…). So,…. what is the probability that Putin is actually mentally ill? I don’t mean that in any facetious way.
    I’ve seen references to him almost never going out in public over the last couple of years (and remembering how bad covid isolation was just for 10 days….)

    An interviewee on Polish tv yesterday (didn’t catch the name (some kind of former politician with a russophone accent) suggested that Putin really did believe Russian troops would be greeted as heroes and Kyiv would be taken the first day and is said to be increasingly frustrated and furious.

    He also suggested that there’s no one in Putin’s inner (or outer) circle who would dare contradict him or give him bad news so he’s not even fully aware of the situation on the ground…. (and his reaction to what he does know means he might be getting reports that are not enitrely true…

    This all adds up to someone, who, if they were not a head of state would be talking to mental health professionals (and not entirely of their own will if you get my meaning….)


    1. Today Putin ordered that the nuclear defense should be moved to high alert.

      I keep thinking, he’s not a spring chicken. What if he received a bad diagnosis? What if he has terminal cancer? God knows how he can freak in response to that.

      As for mental illness, he was always peculiar. It could have gotten aggravated with age. His behavior is definitely erratic.

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      1. I would like to believe he cannot launch a nuclear attack just because he feels like it. But I know next to nothing about their nuclear protocols.

        I don’t see how he doesn’t get offed soon. Money is still important to a lot of powerful Russians, and he is losing them A LOT of money right now.


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