The Night of the Soul

Russians targeted an oil depot near Kiev. It’s on fire.

Kharkiv is under heavy artillery.

P.S. Now Russians have blown up a gas pipeline in Kharkiv.

5 thoughts on “The Night of the Soul

    1. I saw pictures of apartments building being hit. There is no point in the war to destroy an apartment building. Or a child care. The Russians are a bunch rabid sociopaths.

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      1. Yep. Back in 2014, they razed to the ground the tiny Ukrainian village where my mother grew up. Reduced the cemetery to rubble. Why? For what purpose? We can’t even go back and visit the graves of my grandparents.

        I found out about it from YouTube that recommended me a video showing the destruction. A tiny, insignificant village with a little over 100 residents. What’s happening today isn’t new. It’s a pattern of behavior.

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