Blame It on COVID

Russia doesn’t want to confess the real numbers of its soldiers who died in the war. So how to explain the high death count?

Of course, they blame it on COVID and COVID-related heart disease. Everybody’s favorite excuse for an inconvenient death count. An unexpected wave of COVID is an excuse for another lockdown. What’s not to like?

4 thoughts on “Blame It on COVID

  1. The post I formerly shared in Russian had been translated into English. Recommended:

    My translation of the analysis of the current situation in Russia by an active FSB analyst. Buckle up for a long thread and definitely please share far & wide. The full text is over 2000 words. This is a highly insightful look behind the curtain – covers many subjects.

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  2. “soldiers who died in the war”

    Word is (you know this but your readers might not)

    Russia isn’t even collecting its dead soldiers because the Russian military thinks “it’s not worth it”….


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