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Today we went out to celebrate the International Women’s Day which is a big holiday in our culture. Of course, at the restaurant there were TVs on every wall, and I was stuck right in front of the CNN coverage of the war in Ukraine, which didn’t do any wonders for my digestion.

This was the first time I saw any US coverage of the war, and all I have to say is, people, I beg you, don’t blame Ukrainians for the failings of your news channels. The MSM were garbage long before the invasion. This isn’t on Ukraine.

I’m glad, at least, that I can get news from directly on the ground and report them here on the blog.

It’s pretty unbelievable that, with all the resources it has, journalism in the US is such exceptional garbage.

7 thoughts on “News Coverage

  1. OT: Here is an expansive thread on how the Russian economy works and why a country with such intellectual potential can’t actually produce anything. Short story – because it’s controlled by mafias who resist anything complex because then they lose power to nerds.
    Hilarious story about “Russian made” tractors (they’re not) among other riches….

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  2. “journalism in the US is such exceptional garbage.”
    Fact is, it always has been, generally speaking.
    Ever since it started, news has been about selling advertising space.

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    1. “always has been”

      As someone who had both parents involved in journalism (to differing degrees) back in the day…. no. There were always sensationalist scandal sheets but also real journalism.

      That started to end in the 1980s with the ‘professionalization’ of journalism followed by “de-skilling” sometime after the 2000s…

      Basically, what’s happened now is there is only sensationalism and scandal sheets.

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  3. @ cliff arroyo
    I do not dispute that there is – and there has always been – honest reporting by conscientious journalists; before moving into teaching I used to be one myself in London over thirty years ago for a very famous and reputable news organ, until I realised that my truth would always come second, after the interests and aims of said organisation. Everybody will remember Randolph Hearst’s retort – whether it was spurious or not is irrelevant – to a journalist claiming that there was no war to cover: “You furnish the pictures. I’ll furnish the war.”

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