Outdated Narrative

What’s really funny is that the right-wing position on Ukraine is identical to what the left-wing position was in 2014. Right-wingers unearth the hoariest gossip from the NYTimes and the NPR circa 2013-14 and present it as their own insight. Nazis in the Ukrainian army, the civil war in Ukraine, there is no invasion, the CIA organized the 2013 revolution, etc. Even the weird obsession with Victoria Nuland has once again reared its ugly head but this time on the right.

In 2014 I heard this silliness from the left, and now I’m hearing it from the right. You’d think they might remember whose playbook it is to call the people you don’t like Nazis and fascists. Forget 2014, this happened in Canada just a few weeks ago. The memory should be fresh. But no, if the left is running around and screaming “Nazis!”, we should, too. What’s next, criticizing Ukrainians for being anti-BLM and ‘transphobic’? Give it a few weeks, and we’ll see Tucker rant about racist Ukrainians. The right in Spain is already doing it.

This is the reason why the left always defines the narrative. The right can’t be bothered to create its own and always poutily tags in the rear. “You racist!” “No, you racist! I can be a better you than you possibly can.”

In other news, energy to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant has been cut. Reactors can’t cool if there’s no power.

5 thoughts on “Outdated Narrative

  1. I find that currently the right wing is largely repeating Putin’s propaganda.

    The left has, as expected, criticized the treatment of foreign students trying to escape Ukraine; the preferential treatment Ukrainian refugees are getting in Europe compared to refugees from the Middle East and North Africa; and lamented the Europeans being more shocked about this war than those in the Middle East.

    Do you know what the right wing was saying back in 2014?

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